Bereaved Sibling Support
Online Chat Service

Available from 8 PM to 11 PM.

If it's not an emergency but you would still like to talk to someone before the next time the Service is live, you can call The Compassionate Friends Victoria 24/7 telephone support line on 1300 064 068. This support line is monitored by our bereaved family members who are trained to provide telephone support.

We understand that opening your heart to grief is a lot easier to do when surrounded by a community of friends – people, who through their own lived experience understand what you are going through and are equipped to help.

Speaking to another bereaved sibling is an experience that changes you. It is a relief when you find that there are others who can fully relate through the same lived experience and know what it's like to continue with an ever-present sibling void. It opens a part of you and allows you to talk about your sibling freely. 

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