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We’re glad you’ve chosen to explore peer support to help you understand and express your grief. We understand that getting to this stage is a huge achievement and encourage you to not stop looking for the support you feel you need.

Now to start getting the support of one of our team via this Online Chat Service, complete this basic registration process. Once you have registered the first time, you will be able to login anytime you want to initiate a chat. The registration process helps to ensure that only those that the Service is intended for can access this service.

Please remember that this Chat Service is not a crisis support service or a professional mental health service.  If you need urgent medical help, please contact emergency services on 000.

If you require crisis support, please contact


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Please remember that our Sibling Support Online Chat Service is only live and monitored daily during the hours of 3pm – 12 midnight. If it is not urgent (or an emergency) you can still leave a message outside these hours and nominate a time for when you would like to be contacted back during these standard hours of operation.

If it's an emergency, please contact emergency services on 000 or one of the above crisis support numbers.

If it's not an emergency but you would still like to talk to someone before the next time the Service is live, you can call The Compassionate Friends Victoria 24/7 telephone support line on 1300 064 068. This support line is monitored by our bereaved family members who are trained to provide telephone support.