Why was the Sibling Support Online Chat Service developed?

" its not about getting over it, it's about learning to live with it"   - unknown

We recognize that the loss of a sibling can continue to have a profound impact for many years after the event. This service is an early intervention program with a mental wellbeing focus for younger people who have experienced the death of a sibling.

This Online Chat Service gives easy access to support from someone who has been where you are now, a bereaved sibling who is further along on their grief journey. This service is not a crisis support service or a professional mental health service. It is support when it suits you and it will help you to understand and manage grief.

Seek support now rather than later in life when grief issues can become more complex.

There are very few resources available for bereaved youth. This service represents a new type of support offered by The Compassionate Friends Victoria (TCFV), who traditionally have offered face to face group support meetings and telephone support services.

TCFV are extremely grateful to the Bank of Melbourne Foundation for funding this pilot Online Chat Service.