Who are the Chat Responders?

Online Chat Responders are a team of about 10 bereaved siblings (Aged 18-35, with some older responders).  They have all experienced the death of a sibling some years ago (between 3 and 16 years ago) and are further along in their grief journey. They have been trained by TCFV as Chat Responders and passed National Police Checks. They work with the support of experienced grief and bereavement practitioners.

Chat Responders are volunteers committed to helping their bereaved peers by listening, understanding and sharing their experience with grief and loss. Through their own experience of loss and grief, they will support you to identify and express your feelings about your loss. They understand that grieving is an individual thing, we all express our grief in our own way and manage it at our own pace and importantly what you are feeling is normal.

You are not alone.